Simple List?

I like to keep things simple.  Admittedly so, I don’t always achieve this goal.  This blog started as a spark of interest in learning about analytics in relation to learning.  Maybe I should title it “Learning learning analytics”.  Or, maybe not.

In terms of outcomes assessment, Maryellen Weimer, PhD writes about the potential of self-isolated courses becoming “courseocentricism”.  In other words, as the title says, “I Won’t Mess with Your Course if You Don’t Mess with Mine.”  At the forefront of this centrist view is the problem students face when taking courses in the same discipline or division that are wildly different in styles.  Is it okay to expect students to accommodate to different course styles each semester in online courses?

I believe asking faculty to adhere to simple list of requirements when building online courses is better for the students.  A course’s requirements will vary in itself due to subject and level, but is there an organized way to take those variances and match to a simple list?


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